The Serdin and Kanavan Kingdoms of the Bermesiah Continent coexisted in an era of peace until their lands were slowly overcome by the evil Queen of Darkness, KazeAaze.

KazeAaze managed to infiltrate the Kanavan Kingdom by murdering the Queen's most loyal and trusted retainer, and masquerading in his place. Through this despicable act of deceit, KazeAaze was able to get close to the queen and entice her to the ways of darkness.

KazeAaze filled the Kanavan queen's with hatred and insidious thoughts, and led her to wage a war against the Serdin Kingdom that lasted five years. All of Bermesiah Continent was devastated: many heroes fell in battle, and even the Queen of Serdin sacrificed her life in hopes of ending the fighting.

Dungeon Story:


Trial ForestThe first test! Each of the ladies must endure this on their own.

Trial Tower: Knight Master tells them that managing to defeat the treant on their own means nothing, and now the true test will begin: working as a team! The ladies meet and introduce themselves. Elesis, the Knight, introduces herself first, noting that the others just look like children. Arme, the Mage,  is next, who comments to herself how stuck up Elesis is. Lire, the Archer, follows suit, but is caught off guard when Arme is surprised she is an elf! They are interrupted by monsters, and the introductions resume after the first brawl. Elesis tells that she joined the Chase for personal reasons, Arme tells that she holds a high ranking in the Violet Mage guild, and Lire tells the group that she is from Eryuell Island. When they reach the top, Elesis and Arme argue over leadership, Elesis thinking she is in charge, and Arme being angry that Elesis just takes over. When Lire reminds them they are being watched by Knight Master, they agree to disagree and take Wendy down!

Outer Wall of Serdin: The outer wall is being attacked by goblins and orcs! The Chase encounter Sieghart, who tells the "kiddies" that he is looking for the Grand Chase, and that he wants to meet up with them in Xenia some where. Elesis is enraged that he is slandering the good name of her family. Sieghart makes the remark that she looked familiar and calls her Red. He runs off, and the Chase begin defending the wall.

Kerrie Beach: They are sent to the beach to calm the violent creatures. Arme and Elesis have their little vacation conversation. Ley appears with her butler, Jeeves. They appear to be searching for someone, but they never mention a name. Jeeves is sure that "he" is here, although he cannot sense him. The Chase get to the Harpy Queen, who accuses them of invading "her" beach, which is followed by a quick fight.

Orc Temple: The orcs have begun gathering! The Chase is sent to take out the leader before things get out of hand.

Gorgos Dungeon: Knight Master tells them of their new mission, to defeat Kaze'Aze! After a bit of thinking, Lire about her orders from the elder, Arme about her grandfather(WHAT!?), and Elesis about her "daddy".  They accept the mission and are sent to find Red Gorgos, who is a subordinate of Kaze herself. They fight their way to Red Gorgos and eventually slay him, not receiving the information they were looking for.

Elven Forest: They move on to Elven Forest to find it being attacked by various creatures, including a "wolf" that you find to be Ryan. Ryan changes back and requests the Chase's help defeating the monster behind it, the Troll! After defeating her, Ryan wants to join, and is told by Elesis "The more, the better!" (Special thanks here to Gir, who put up with me accidentally skipping the final dialog 3 times ) 

Gorge of Oath: The Chase, now including Ryan, get ready to cross the Gorge. They are stopped by Ronan, who introduces himself as the leader of the Kanavan Guard. He asks the Chase to help take care of the monsters in the area while he runs ahead to take out Gaikoz. The Chase agrees and is left with Ronan's Holy Bless. Once they reach the boss, Arme asks Elesis about her relationship to Ronan, and Elesis replies that the Ruby Knights(her platoon), and the Kanavan Guard are born into different classes. The Giant Drillmon appears, and Lire, realizing the danger since it only usually comes out at night, starts an attack.

Marsh of Oblivion: They enter the Marsh and begin talking about rumors that people who enter the Marsh never return alive, that they are all "eaten" by some monster! They get distracted by the horrible stench coming from the slimes, and begin to fight their way through the swamp. They get to Elizabeth, who apparently smells very bad(great reason to kill things, no?), and begin to attack her before she gets the first hit.

Forsaken Barrows: The talking starts with Lire and Arme complaining about hating scary places like this, and Elesis mocks them saying "Even ghosts fear the blade."  Arme decides to be funny be telling Elesis there is a ghost behind her, and Elesis freaks out. When she calls Arme out on it, Arme blames it on a monster, and the fighting begins. After fighting their way to the final room, Arme is amazed to see the one causing all the undead is a Lich, a very powerful mage who is brought back from the dead with incredible power! The Lich threatens them with death, so they fight back, and eventually finish the Lich off for good!

Forgotten City: The Chase enters the city, only to find it completely empty at first. Paraminimy begin to attack, and the Chase defend themselves against these mysterious machines. They smash as many as they can, but they just keep coming! They eventually find the Paradom, who seems to be the leader. The Paradom attacks, and the Chase destroy the mechanical enemy!

Gaikoz's Castle: The Chase reach Gaikoz's Castle. They have a short conversion about him, saying that he lost his lover during the War(I assume the Five-Year War), and the resentment that fills his heart is what has turned him into the specter that he currently is. The chase fight their way through to his castle and come face to face with Gaikoz himself. He asks them why they resist what could be a bright future. They reply that if this is the future he plans on, then they would rather live in the past. Gaikoz threatens to send them to the past that they "love so much for all eternity." A vicious struggle ensues, ending in Gaikoz's defeat. Ronan thanks you for the help, and wishes to join the Grand Chase to help eliminate Kaze'Aze.

Silver LandEdit

Whispering Woods: The Chase make it to Silver Land, but only find woods. Arme and Elesis seemed to think this will be an easy task, but Lire says she senses something powerful and evil. She asks Ryan if they should continue, but Ronan is afraid to risk casualties. Ryan assures him the only choice is for him to get to the guardian and talk to him. They find the Guardian Treant, who is angry at them for destroying his forest. He proceeds to throw a rock at the group, saying they must die for harming his domain. The Chase knock some sense into him, and he regains his senses, saying he doesn't remember anything. He had been possessed by something, a voice that had apparently come from "the land of the gods". This power must be more than anything Kaze'Aze is capable of. So after the Guardian reassures them that he will restore his forest, the Chase set out to find more clues as to Kaze'Aze's where abouts.

Ruins of the Silver Knights: It seems a rather large battle has taken place here. After fighting for a bit, a skeleton fighter gets rather close to Elesis and almost harms her. But, as though cued, a stranger comes to the rescue with a Hanuman to the face! After introducing himself as Jin, the last member of the Silver Knights, the Black Fairy appears, the one behind all the destruction! Jin warns them that she cannot be defeated with normal attacks, and asks the Chase to hold her off so he can charge up a powerful attack. After a quick fight, Jin goes into burning mode and lands a Fist of Ten-Thousand Hells on the fairy, who somehow manages to escape with her life. Jin, frustrated, asks to join the Chase to help rid the world of evil, since that's what the Silver Knights had been doing before they had been eradicated. They accept him with open arms, welcoming any help they can get.

Lake Aurora: The Chase needs to find a ship to board to get from Silver Land to Ellia, so they stop by Lake Aurora. It seems the lake has dried up a bit, leaving many creatures homeless and very hostile. Their only choice is to fight. They make their way to Krakos, who, apparently, Arme wants to eat! After defeating him, the Chase question him about who sent him to attack, and where all the water has went. The only answer they get from Krakos is that they shouldn't be so pleased about defeating him, that Krakos is nothing compared to "him". Still not getting any answers before Krakos dies, they decide to continue on. Amy makes a quick appearance, saying she needs to hurry back to Samsara, but doesn't seem to be noticed by the Chase.

King Guang's Fen: An unusual amount of water is flooding the place, seemingly from Lake Aurora. Jin says not to worry about the swamp spirits, that they are friendly, but one attacks anyways. Something must be wrong with King Guang, because they only follows his orders. They hurry to see what is wrong with them. They are then encountered by Ley and her butler, Jeeves. Jeeves asks them if they have seen " a purple-haired, well-mannered young nobleman". Ley immediately jumps in and corrects him, saying that he is just a "a purple-haired weakling who pretends to be powerful". They leave, with Ley asking herself where Dio could be. Once arriving, the Chase find King Guang sucking up all the water, claiming that water is life, and by absorbing it he will become more powerful. Hesitant to attack, Jin instructs to attack his head. After a quick fight, King Guang regains his senses and claimed to be possessed by a voice, probably the same voice as the Guardian Treant. The Chase wants to treat his wounds, but he says no, that if things are to be fixed, he must die and release all the life force he had consumed. Before he passes, he asks for his death to be avenged. Elesis tells Jin not to mourn for too long, that sorrow is just a test for a true knight, and that they must continue their journey and fulfill King Guang's wishes. 

Primeval Island: The creatures here are violent as well. Ronan suggests putting off the hunt for Kaze'Aze until they figure out what is happening here in Silver Land, but Elesis is convinced that Kaze'Aze is behind the attacks here, just as in Bermesiah. They come across Audrey, who is possessed as well. Jin threatens to, and I quote, "have your weed whacked." They destroy the mutated Audrey, but don't think she is responsible, so the Chase decides to head over to see King Fang and see if he can help.

King Fang's Lair: They encounter orcs from the start, and immediately know something is wrong, so they rush to find King Fang. They are stopped by a much larger orc by the name of Tartarus, who seems to be the leader of the orcs. After taking him down, they are attacked by King Fang, who accuses them of killing his friend, King Guang. After defeating him, Jin explains what happened. King Fang says that someone had came by before them and had told him that the Chase had killed King Guang, who had in reality sacrificed himself. King Fang says that he had the same aura that Jin had, that the man was unmistakably a Silver Knight! Jin seems to know who it is, and they rush to find the one responsible! 

Victor's Fortress: Armed guards, right from the start! Jin is sure this is the place that they have been searching for, and they proceed. It is Victor behind it all! He has given in to the darkness, saying that he never broke his oath to the Silver Knights, that he is merely using the weak to make himself stronger, that this darkness is what Silver Land needs to protect it. When he is almost defeated, he heals himself fully and becomes even more powerful! After almost being beaten again, he heals a second time, worrying the Chase that he may be immortal. They defeat him, and he asks his dark master for more power, but is answered with a no. He is simply a tool who has outlived his usefulness. The dark power feels much like Kaze'Aze's, only stronger. Jin vows to the voice that he will stop this destruction and avenge his people! Dio is shown having a conversation with his bulters, saying that he has found a way to come back from this dimension he is locked in. Nothing more is said, aside from Dio reassuring the butlers he is strong enough.


Partusay's Sea: Kaze'Aze appears to them as a young boy and sinks their entire ship! Ronan goes to attack, but has no effect, as this boy is just an illusion. Arme casts a spell just before they sink, allowing them to breathe underwater, but with the limit of going up for more O2 occasionally. Elesis picks fun of her, saying she is good for a low level fortune teller. They quickly realize that the place they have crashed isn't naturally made. They decide to find what secret this ocean holds. They come across a living statue, who attacks. They quickly dispose of Partusay, and continue on their way.

Kamiki's Castle: Kaze'Aze appears to them again. Elesis gets angry, demanding Kaze'Aze tells where her father is. Kaze'Aze leaves, laughing at them, saying to have fun with her minions. As they go along, they see a trail left behind by someone Ronan says is the vagabond warrior known as the "Wanderer". Arme as also heard of him, but the conversation is cut short by more minions. They find Elena, who is an Elder of the Violet Mage's Guild. With a dark aura surrounding her, she tells the Chase that Kaze'Aze has given her this land, and she must destroy them. After defeating her, Kaze'Aze revives Elena as a spirit of Rage, known as Kamiki, to "Take her enemies to burn in hell". After defeating Kamiki, Lire asks Elesis about her father, who says it was a slip of the tongue, and not to worry about it. She then asks Arme about Elena, and gets the same reply. The hurry forward to stop Kaze'Aze's reign of terror!

Temple of Fire:  This is the forge where Kaze'Aze is making her weapons for her forces. Arme and Elesis seem to be "getting along" now. They have Kaze'Aze within reach, now to push forward and stop her! Instead, they find a basalisk that she has put there, and eventually take the beast down.

Hell Bridge: They arrive at Hell Bridge, hearing a voice commanding minions to attack them. They quickly realize that Kaze'Aze is attempting to summon Gardosen, the Ruler of Hell. If his summoning is completed, literally all hell will break loose. They must hurry! They finally get to Gardosen, who has made it through, and they dispose of him. Now nothing stops them from Kaze'Aze!

Kaze'Aze's Castle:  This is it! The final push! Only her army stands in the way now! After fighting through her army, she confronts them and challenges them after mocking their pursuits of "peace". After being defeated, she shows her true form, which resembles a dragon/fox thing. Once they have managed to defeat the true Kaze'Aze, Elesis demands to know what has happened to her father, who we now know is named Elscud. Kaze'Aze mocks Elesis, saying that he was trapped in a dimension rift, neither alive, nor dead, saying that it brings her great pleasure to watch Elesis suffer like this. Lass awakens, and realizing the destruction he has caused, asks to join the Grand Chase. They allow him to join, always welcoming new members. Elesis is determined not to give up yet, and decides to continue pushing forward to rid the world of evil.

Kastulle Ruins Lower Floor: The Chase haven't slept in days, pushing ahead to get to a village so they can rest. They pass through the ruins of an old civilization of the Kastulle people, who, according to legend, wove insanely powerful magic. The Chase have a discussion about about the events that have transpired so far, and come to the agreement that the events in Silver Land are unrelated to Kaze'Aze. She was powerful, yes, but no where near powerful enough to control King Guang and give Victor, a mere human, that sort of power. They decide to continue their journey and find out who was behind it all, but are attacked by skeletons, the animated remains of the old civilization. The guardian of the ancient city, the cyclops, comes out to meet them and is quickly beaten.

Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor: The Chase escape the lower floors of the city and near the surface, where they are confronted with even more enemies. They decide to do a quick exploration of the place in hopes of finding some kind of useful weapons. They find a Paradom, just like the one they fought back in Bermesiah, and another guardian, this one a Giant Stone Golem, but no weapons. 

Battle for Bermesiah: The Chase make it to the surface finally, and hear a voice that tells them that the dark aura that they seek is beginning its descent upon the land of the gods, and that if that land falls, so will Bermesiah and Ellia. Hearing this they rush ahead. The path splits, and on one path, they find the Orc Lord that had attack the Outer Wall of Serdin waiting for them. He is much stronger this time around, and gives the group a bit of a hassle. The left path holds the Dark Fairy that had narrowly escaped Jin's attack back in Silver Land. She also has become stronger. She challenges the Chase. Both enemies meet the same fate, though, and are slain. They move on to find the leader, Dark Anmon, a fallen Nephilim warrior who gave into the corruption and darkness. After defeating him, Ryan comments on how it is sad that a defender of the forest could fall to darkness as Anmon had. Anmon tells him not to pity him, that fear and despair await them in the land of the gods.


Xenia Frontier: Sieghart appears to the group again, and this time Arme recognizes him as the legendary Gladiator, the only Ruby Knight to ever go by only his family name. He comments that Elesis should know this, being part of that family and all. He then runs off to the interior of the continent, saying to catch him if they can, that he has high hope for "Red". They continue on and are met by Lenasien who tells them he is a gatekeeper, and that he and Octus, the other gatekeeper, were visited by the Virtuous Man, and they were to lead the Chase to him. This also has a split, where the right path Octus tells them to turn back, and when they refused, turns into a monster and attacks them! The Chase defend themselves, and after defeating him, want to treat his wounds. A voice commands him to spill more blood, so he transforms again and another fight ensues. Lanasien also warns them to stay away, and a similar battle unfolds. Fearing the Virtuous Man has also been controlled, they hurry ahead to find the source.

Temple of Origins: The Chase come to the Temple of Cuatal, the home of the God of Cycles. The same voice that was heard in Kastulle contacts them again and thanks them for coming, telling them to quickly head to the top and get to him before he is consumed by the darkness. They think it is a trap, but seeing as how they have no choice, they rush in anyways. They see Amy on her way out, and she stops and gives them a blessing and hurries on her way. They are stopped by Venessa, who is the one guarding the God of Cycles. When she doesn't let them pass, a fight breaks out. Once defeated, she goes all out and unleashes her nature powers and becomes a wolf, similar to Ryan's. Once the Chase defeats her in this form, she regains her senses and tells the group about a lone warrior that had helped her before they had come. She allows them to go to see the God of Cycles, who is already being possessed. The voice controls him too, and when a minion of his tells him to attack the Chase, Samsara gets angry and kicks both of them, killing them instantly. Ronan warns them that this is a new type of enemy, unlike anything they have fought before, so be careful. After defeating him, he tells them of the Ascendant God, who has corrupted all of Xenia, and has enslaved each of the other five gods. Amy appears with Samsara's orb, the Orb of Cycles, and wishes to join the Grand Chase. They accept and head out to collect the other orbs, which is the only way they can possibly hope to defeat the Ascendant God.

Valstrath: When they arrive at Valstrath, Sieghart appears and warns them not to get near the Cairn Stones, as they will suck the energy out of them. Sieghart uses a move that Elesis recognizes, and Sieghart says that she must be a descendant of his, probably Elscud's daughter. When he won't answer Elesis questions, Lass attacks him, but isn't able to keep up, saying that there is no way a human can possibly move as fast as Sieghart is. Elesis then tries to attack him but with the same results. Sieghart, realizing how pointless the brawl is, runs off, and Jin suggests following him. After fighting through a few monsters, a man by the name of Ashtaroth appears, claiming to be the guardian of the Ascendant God, and that he was here to pass judgement in his place. When the Chase almost have him beat, he uses Deep Impact to devastating effect. Then Venessa appears and uses her Soul Impact to reflect the meteors back at him. When Ashtaroth questions her motives, she says that Samsara has sent her to protect the Chase. Ashtaroth makes the remark that the fight was almost over, and leaves. When the Chase catches up with him again, he says he will send Venessa and the Chase straight to hell, and proceeds to summon his familiar, Mynos. When he is slain, Ashtaroth flees again. The Chase ask Venessa to join them, but she says that she can't, because she is forbidden to travel into the domain of gods other than Samsara's. They ask her if she has seen any other outsiders, and she replies that she had seen a man with long black hair carrying a sword. They say their good-byes, and the Chase continue on. 

The Wyrm's Maw: The Chase finally catch up to Sieghart and agrees to talk, only because they were dedicated enough to chase him this far. Sieghart tells that he had encountered Elscud on his journey. He had witnessed Elscud locked in a battle, and then saw him get sucked into another dimension. This is good and bad news, bad because there is no way to know his whereabouts, but good because, with the ever changing world, there is a good chance that he will be thrown back into his own dimension again. He agrees to join the Chase and help them with their mission. As they continue, the mysterious Wanderer appears. He sees Sieghart's Soluna, and says that he has always wanted to feel one. He then attacks using his Gran-X skill, which Sieghart and Elesis seem to recognize right away! He then says that "he's close by", and runs off. Elesis wants to pursue him, but Sieghart and Ronan advise against it.  When they get to Starkiln, it is already too late. He is already enraged, and the Chase decide the only choice is to fight. Sieghart says it looks like they will have to fight every enemy they come up against from here on out, and Lass replies that that is what he wanted to do anyways! A fight follows and Starkiln is defeated. He snaps back to his senses and says he wants to go to the Ascendant God himself, but cannot, for the same reasons as Venessa. Instead, he gives the Chase the Hellfire Orb. 

Altar of Balance : The Alter of Judgment is a frozen wasteland it seems, filled with enemies. They Chase must keep moving in order to keep from being frozen in place by the negative temperatures. After taking down a few enemies, the guardian of the Alter of Judgment, Aron, appears and stops the Chase, saying that anyone who approaches must be sent away. Using force, manage to take him down and continue onto The God of Judgment. After defeating the possessed Yamini, she offers her orb for them to defeat the Ascendant God.

Temple of Destruction: The Chase finally get to a place that has a bearable temperature, neither too hot, nor too cold. According to Amy, they are passing through an ancient giant burial site. Elesis claims that something so large couldn't possibly exist, but Sieghart tells her just because she can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. As the Chase continue, they actually see one of these giants, and decide to investigate, climbing their way up to its head, dodging it's attacks along the way. But before they get to their destination, they spot a blue haired girl blowing up a robot. She bends over to inspect its "organs", and then leaves before the Chase can catch up. When they go to chase her, they are ambushed by more enemies. Once they clear them out, she comes comes back, and, after hearing that Sieghart is immortal, decides to test that theory by throwing a bomb at him. When he survives with not even a scratch she decides to join them, probably for the purpose of learning more about Sieghart and her own past, because she says that she cannot remember anything. And once again, they must use force to get past the guardian, the Ancient Giant.  And again, they must fight a god, this time Perseo, the God of Destruction. After defeating him, he gives the Chase his orb, and requests that they go save Gaia, who had fused herself with the Forest God. The Chase quickly depart to fulfill his wishes.

Forest of Life: The Chase decide that a quick assault will be required to eliminate the pollution effectively. They rush in, tearing through the infected monsters, but are stopped by two guardians, Dark Storm and Furious Storm. Dark Storm tells them to stop or they will be destroyed. Ryan tries to convince them to let them pass, saying their mission in a peaceful one, but Furious Storm chimes in comment that they have been watching, and mock the Chase by asking how they could possibly say that their mission is a peaceful one, after watching their recklessness. Dark Storm tells them the must either defeat the pair of them, or turn back, and Ronan comments that they aren't really getting much of a choice, and the fighting begins. After defeating the druids, the Chase hurry to where Gaia is, but they are too late! She is already within Rukkha, and the pollution has already mutated Rukkha! After chopping away each of the 4 branches and defeating Rukkha himself, Gaia thanks them with the Orb of Life(although it doesn't actually say this, it is implied when Sieghart says that they have all the orbs). Elesis asks her connection to Perseo, and Gaia seems to be embarrassed and rushes them off(anyone else sense some romance? ). After Sieghart says they have all the orbs, Mari starts mumbling to herself, something about Baldinar and Kounat. Sieghart thinks to himself that he may be right, about what, we don't know. 

Temple of Domination: The Chase enter the Fortress, and realize that the only way they will survive here is if they use the orbs the other gods gave them. They fight their way through, but are stopped by a young looking girl who has a monster hovering over her. Lass comments that looking at her reminds him of his past, implying that possession has taken place. After a grueling battle, Iblis snaps out of it. She tells the Chase that Thanatos has changed, and had betrayed her, but she seems to hold no ill will, requesting that if he returns to his true self, to please spare him.She says they should hurry ahead and defeat Thanatos, that she will be safe since she is a maiden here.  The Chase finally make it to Thanatos, who greets them, mocking them, saying that all their hard work and teamwork was in vain. A battle ensues. The Chase finally defeat Thantos, only to find that he was merely toying with them, and he transforms! Another fight long battle, Thanatos reveals his true form, and the REAL combat begins! After an intense fight, they finally slay Thanatos, and Ashtaroth appears, saying that he can't believe that the Ascendant God was defeated by children. He finishes Thanatos off and steals his orb. When he tries to escape, he is cut off by Sieghart, who calls him Ashtaroth, then quickly corrects himself and calls him Baldinar, saying he has missed him. Ashtaroth is confused, and Sieghart attacks, causing Ashtaroth to quickly recognize him as a highlander. Ashtaroth was sure he had taken care of them all, but it looks like there were TWO survivors form Kounat, as Ashtaroth is stunned to see Mari! He rushes off, and Sieghart is convinced that he has fled to Archimedia, the land of never ending warfare. 

Alcubra Edit

Goblin Work Site: While heading to Archimedia, the Chase get lost, and take a detour of sorts through the land of Alcubra. They stumble across a goblin worksite, where they are quickly confronted by the workers. The defend themselves and attempt to pass through the site as soon as they can, as to not attract more attention than nessicary. They are soon stopped by a more prominent figure, one who seems to be a taskmaster or the like, named Brutus. He stops them and is angry at their trespassing and disrespect toward him, and decides to challenge the Chase. After taking care of the fool, they proceed to leave, when they come across Sethek, who is looking for sacrifices to consecrate his new temple. And guess who the perfect choice is? Sethek tells them that being fearless is foolish, and that they cannot harm him so long as he maintains his spells. Lire points out that the spell is exhausting, and that it can't be held for long periods, and they move in for the attack! After defeating Sethek, they catch sight of a goblin locked in a cage. The goblin, named Barakhufu, offers them the secrets to immortalilty if they help free him. When he is released from his cage, he tells of the Crown of Sands, a relic that "restores health to the infirm, youth to the old, and strength to the weak". It can even restore life to the dead! Such an artifact would be perfect for taking down any foe who would stand in their way, but, unfortunately, Barakhufu says he doesn't know of it's location, that it was broken into many pieces and scattered throughout Alcubra. As the chase leave, Barakhufu comes back into sight, with a sinister smile on his face... What is he planning?

Underpass of Lost Hope: It seems that they only way for the Chase to continue is to go through a cave, but it's obvious that it isn't very safe, so Ronan leads the way. They end up fighting off large bugs, but everything goes smoother than expected, until Aranya, the queen of the underpass, attacks! She accuse the chase of stealing her eggs. When Ryan tries to reassure her that they want nothing to do with her eggs, she becomes angry, and says she will take their lives as a toll! After defeating her, the Chase hurry ahead, eager to get some fresh air.

Kungji Village: The Chase get a very warm welcome when they arrive at the Kungji Village, which is a very refreshing change of pace. But, as is the norm, trouble brews after a short time. It seems the Kungji Village harbored a treasuer, and said treasure had been stolen! Elesis seems it coming a mile away when she replies, "Why do I get the feeling the finger will be pointed at us?" The Kungji turn hostile, and the Grand Chase are forced to fight their way the the Elder before things get too wild. They are stopped, though, by the Guardian Kungji, who is simply doing his duty as the "justice in this village". He poses an obvious threat, so the Chase pacify him, and move on to the Elder, who is enraged! After saying that the village can't survive without the treasure, he attacks the Chase. Once the Chase have defeated him and calmed him down. Ronan tells him they are being framed. The Elder repeats that the village can't survive without it, and the Chase agree to recover it for him. Could this treasure be a piece of the Crown?

Sands of Illusion: They rush ahead and manage to find foot prints of some kind that may belong to the thief! They decide that this is the perfect chance to catch them: The tracks are fresh, and the sun is just about to set, so it won't be too hot. Lire warns that the temperature will drop rapidly, and that they need to get a move on before it gets too cold. After a bit of traveling and fighting off some minor monsters, some similiar to enemies from the Underpass, the Chase come across a Giant Frillzard. It immedieately attacks! After defeating the beast, they travel ahead to be confronted by an even larger foe! Jin realizes that something isn't right, but the monstrous insect attacks! Once it has been defeated, it disappears, leaving a strange object in its place. The object gives off immense power, and it quickly becomes apparent that this is a piece of the Crown they are searching for! With such power coming from a single a piece, perhaps Barakhufu  was being honest after all?


Hammer's Reach: The Chase finally arrive in Archimedia, winding up in Hammer's Reach, the Land of Endless Warfare. Lass makes a declaration that he will hunt Ashtaroth to the very end. But what catches Sieghart's attention isn't Lass' sudden ambition, but rather the fact that it's way too quiet, considering they were standing in the middle of a battleground, a place where the Black Wood elves and Fire Hammer dwarfs fought constantly. Suddenly, Black Wood scouts and assassins come out of nowhere and attack! After the attack, Lire points out that their expertise with weapons and magic made it clear that they were elves, and Sieghart pokes fun at her saying, "Yeah, because the pointy ears didn't give it away." But no time to relax, as Fire Hammer troops appear and continue the ambush. Arme points out that both sides seem to think they are intruding, and Jin reinforces this by saying that they are enemies to BOTH sides... As the fight along, they come across a fully automated machine, which impresses Elesis, but Mari just blows it off, mocking the dwarfs for using outdated technology. Sieghart then comments that Mari may have lost her memory, but her body seems to remember the place. Perhaps Kounat, Mari's home place, was located in Archimedia? But before they have time to dwell on it, Talin Elfbane appears and mocks the elves for apparently recruiting humans into their war. When Elesis tries to explain they have no interest in their petty fighting, Talin attacks them, exclaiming ,"FOR THUNDER HAMMER!" After defeating them, Ronan tries to say tell Talin that the Chase are chasing an enemy of their own, but Talin doesn't buy it. Rather than wasting time arguing, they leave him sniveling over his machine and move ahead.

Under Hammer: The Chase are in such a hurry to escape from pointless conflict with the dwarfs that they unknowingly flee straight into a supply route that leads to their headquarters! When the realized their "mistake", Sieghart points out that, if memory serves him right,  the route leads right into the dwarven capital, Thunder Hammer. There, they can meet with the king, and sort out the misunderstanding. They find themselves face to face with Talin again, who pretends that it's a coincidence, although the Chase all realize that he was following them the whole time. They just brush it off and ignore him and continue on their way. The Chase then come against what Arme thinks is a "brand new car" (which personally makes no sense to me, considering the period the game is suppose to take place in...), except that this "car" has a missile mounted on it! After dismantling the machine, they continue along the supply route and are stopped by two large machines; a red one with a chain saw, and a green one with a cannon. Realizing that any delay will cause them to be surrounded, they attack the guards, trying to dispatch them quickly. The moment they defeat the machines, they are swarmed by guards, who command them to drop their weapons. When Elesis snaps back, command the entire battalion to drop THEIR weapons, Ronan and Sieghart convince her, and the rest of the Chase, to just surrender, since it will be faster and less tiring to be escorted to Thunder Hammer, rather than fight their way there.

Thunder Hammer:  The Chase are locked up in a cell in Thunder Hammers dungeon, but Mari promptly breaks them out. They fight their way past the guards, but things get a bit rough when they are stopped by a mysterious man appears out of a portal and demands the deity orbs! When the Chase refuse to give them up, the man takes them by force. Just then, the Wanderer, Zero, appears, attempting to stop the man! The mysterious figure senses that Zero is of his kind, but rather than waste time, he flees with the orbs. Zero begins to give chase, but Grandark, his sentient blade, stops him, and tells him that the man is far too powerful to fight right now, which was proven true in the chases brawl against him. Elesis, recalling the events in The Wyrm's Maw, interrogates Zero again about his skill, Gran X, which apparently he stole from the Sieghart clan. This sparks Zero's memories a bit, and he says that Elesis reminds him of a certain red-headed swordsman he used to know. But with a word from Grandark, Zero quickly flees after the man, who Sieghart reveals as Void. When Elesis wants to follow Zero, Sieghart tells her they are better off talking to the king first, and that if they track down Void, they are likely to find Zero again, since he seems to have the same goal of stopping the coming destruction. They hurry ahead, to where Talin Elfbane is once again waiting for them, and orders the guards to attack them (this is in the jumping room, so he is simply trying to slow you down).  They arrive in the throne room, and Ronan quickly tries to explain to the king, Arawn, that there was a misunderstanding. Arawn replies by telling them they will have a chance to explain, only after they have shown the reason for the misunderstanding, i.e. a fight. After the combat had concluded, a scout appears and tells the king that the city of Gold Helinon had been destroyed by a horde of demons. On top of that, the entire east had been engulfed in flames! At the mention of demons, Mari drops to the ground, unconscious. When she wakes up, she seems to remember bits and pieces of her past. She tells everyone how her kingdom had made sacrifices to seal these demons away, and how they shouldn't be able to return. Sieghart points out that Ashtaroth must have used the Orb of Ascendancy to open the portals, and that's when it clicks for Mari. She realizes that Ashtaroth is trying to combine the orbs to create the Soul Stone, which has more power than they could possibly imagine. Elesis believes that Void must be working for Ashtaroth, and that's why he came after the other orbs, and Ronan points out that it must be the demons, not the elves, who are inciting this war. Though Arawn has no reason to believe them, he lets them go free, but with a warning that they are being watched. 

Relics of Kounat:  The Chase happen upon relics of an ancient city that was destroyed in an explosion. Mari comments that it "feels just like yesterday", and Arme asks her if she is a time traveler! Mari says that even though she is slowly getting her memories back, she isn't really sure at the moment.  Ryan interrupts them by pointing out large tracks, as though there was some huge monster nearby. Sieghart urges them into an investigation of the area. They come across portals, but oddly enough, there is a demon trying to destroy them, though his Onrush seems to have no effect! Dio calls them insignificant humans, and says that they will only get in his way, to which Sieghart proposes a "friendly" little race, to see who is really faster. Once they manage to break down the portals, they are confronted by Veron and Drawl(though, in game, you only have to fight one). After defeating the pair, Sieghart boasts about the Chases prowess, and Dio is impressed. Mari recognizes him as one of the demons who had defended Kounat all those years ago, and he is shocked to see a survivor. Arme offers for him to come along, and though he has no need for the company, he believes they may be of use to him in "personal" matters of his.


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